Final Fantasy XIV The Case for Horizontal Progression

A few weeks ago, I vowed to return to Eureka following I’d spent far more time with it (You’ll be able to study my initial impressions here). I’ve been back in a couple of of instances considering that then, and, unfortunately, I’ve had many trouble obtaining significantly further. The content material isn’t for me, but I nonetheless enjoy what it represents, and I’m content it’s scratched an itch to get a bygone era of MMOs that lots of cheap FFXIV Gil men and women miss.

A lot has been stated and written concerning the content, and that is superior for the game – it will be a genuine difficulty if it dropped and after that vanished from everyone’s radar. And in spite of early predictions that Eureka would die the moment individuals got the gear they want, it does not appear like that’s happening either. It really is still a hub of activity, and folks are nevertheless agonising over if and when Pazuzu will spawn.

But a single thing I don’t understand about it is actually why the gear it rewards is so damn weak. Relic weapons and armor have been touted as this huge deal, but almost everything you can get from Eureka is outclassed by tomestone gear (item level 355 vs 360), which is so easy to earn you can pretty much do it by accident provided that you play on a regular basis. I haven’t heard anyone make a specifically excellent case for why it really is so toned down, either.

When I spoke to Naoki Yoshida final year, back when Eureka was largely an enigma, he mentioned that content had to offer you decent rewards for men and women to finish it and return to it. In a way, Eureka all but disproves that theory: There’s not much that Eureka definitely offers, at least when it comes to gear, and I suppose it is a testament for the fact that people really do like what it delivers that individuals are carrying out it regardless.

Gear in XIV has generally followed a rigid structure where weekly token gear offers anything for the majority of players to buy FFXIV Gil work towards, though the quite greatest stuff is locked behind complicated raid content. Rewards from extreme primals and so on fit in about this, but no matter how factors shake out, raiders always get the top stuff. I suppose the argument for this can be that the rewards from Savage ought to be the top due to the fact it is the hardest content in the game; there has to be some sort of carrot to help keep people going via fights which most players obtain murderously hard.