it is going to probably be based on Drums of War

A lot more particulars on Globe of Warcraft Classic has been revealed by Blizzard and it is going to probably be based on Drums of War (Patch 1.12).

Drums of War, the last patch just before the initial big expansion for the game landed, came out in August 2006 (Burning Crusade went reside at the commence of 2007). Blizzard stated too substantially consideration had been taken for exactly where to pitch Globe of Warcraft Classic, and this point is chosen because it ?°represents by far the most complete version of your classic experience?±.

Though the developers are operating on rebuilding the old game, they are going to certainly face a whole lot of knotty issues to resolve because it is an old game a decade just before. Predictably, they may face some challenges including graphic cards?ˉ compatibility in addition to a support for security systems is needed.

Hence, the concept is though bringing the game fully up to date with all the additional but critical options with the modern day game, just like the firm?ˉs anit-cheating method, Blizzard has to provide players a vanilla version of Planet of Warcraft pre-Burning Crusade content wise in the exact same time.

This can turn out the most beneficial for each Worlds (of Warcraft). Utilizing the codebase of the present games to approach the information from Patch 1.12 is one thing Blizzard cant prevent undertaking.

After weeks of R&D, experimentation, and prototyping, we were confident we could deliver the classic WoW content material and gameplay without sacrificing the literally millions of hours put in to back-end development over the past 13 years.?± stated the company.

Blizzard declares that the final result will be a stable and classic game without any hidden problems. Also, the before-mentioned ani-cheat systems, integration and a full customer service experience are included.

With all the company acknowledging it was a ?°larger endeavor than you might imagine?±, World of Warcraft Class was published at BlizzCon last November. That was telling us that we don?ˉt have to look for the arrival with the game any time soon, and there is no information of any possible release date timeframe in this post.

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