New roster update in NHL18 makes it possible for Auston Matthews to do his very good aim signal celebration

Leafs superstar Auston Matthews created national headlines several weeks ago right after making like a ref and pointing to the NHL 18 Hut Coins net after scoring. Matthews had a target wiped out a shift just before on account of goaltender interference. So he scored once more minutes later and made positive absolutely everyone within the entire arena knew it was a great aim.

Matthews repeated the target celebration with Jack Eichel at the NHL All-Star Game, and now I am pleased to report you could do the celly now as Matthews on NHL18 too. Through probably the most recent NHL18 roster update, video game developers assigned a previously made custom celebration to Digi Auston and it’s wonderful.

Verify it out.

Yes, this is fantastic.

Leafs reporter Jeff Veillette was the first to point out the news.

.@EASPORTSNHL put an in-depth version of @AM34’s celebration in to the game, just for him, and I am all for it.

To get Digi Auston to purchase NHL 18 Coins start pointing, just press Y/Triangle soon after scoring.

I believe other individuals inside the EA NHL community have stated that the celebration was already in the game as a custom celly, but EA’s current update just mapped it to Auston’s character so it really is the default when he presses Y/Triangle.