Searching for Explanations for the Ban

It really is tempting to imagine that the Empire’s option to shun armies of killer robots stems from the same political and cultural reasoning for placing a basic ban on killer robots in the first place. Maybe the large armies of killer robots have been nevertheless connected using the former Separatist movement and have been as a result noticed by most citizens from the Empire as only being made use of by the “bad guy” Separatists.

There is some assistance for this notion of a general anti-droid sentiment within the official Star Wars reference components. But that explanation seems partially undercut by the fact that the Empire nevertheless utilizes some military droids in particular supporting roles. Additionally, a lot of citizens with the Empire still look fine with non-combat droids performing different jobs, which raises the question of regardless of SWTOR Credits whether the common anti-droid sentiment remains quite widespread by the time the original Star Wars trilogy takes spot.

An alternative explanation of the Empire banning killer robots mainly because of ethical or humanitarian reasons appears laughable when thinking about the Empire’s policies of repression and intimidation. It is hard to anticipate humanitarian consideration from an Empire that makes casual use with the Death Star – the principle Star Wars weapon of mass destruction – to wipe out a whole planetary population based on the justification that “fear will retain the regional systems in line.”

One of the ideal explanations with the Empire’s disdain for killer robot armies was inadvertently supplied by the Thrawn book trilogy inside the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The book series recommended that Emperor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, essentially exerted a form of thoughts control over all his Imperial troops. It really is straightforward to visualize how an Imperial military primarily based mainly upon weak-minded humans – susceptible to direct handle by only by far the cheap SWTOR Credits most strong Force-users such as Palpatine – may be additional attractive than a robot army in that situation.

Unfortunately, this Force-based explanation should be thought of null and void since the Expanded Universe books are certainly not viewed as an official a part of the canon Star Wars galaxy laid out inside the principal films.